From Summertime at Grandma's to the Soap Shop!

My grandmother was stricken with polio when my father was a young boy. This left her unable to walk for the remainder of her life. As she began to deal with the loss of mobility, she became very creative over the years. As a young child, I would visit with her for days at a time during school breaks or on the weekends. I remember helping in the garden, and going around the property with my great uncle to find raspberries for his favorite raspberry shortcake. When she wasn't busy cooking or baking, we would sit at the table and play a laughter filled game of rummy, or what I loved doing the most...crafting! We dabbled in everything from stitching teddy bears, to making holiday decorations, needle point and plastic canvas projects. You name it, we probably made it! (or at least tried too!)

As I got older, my love for creating was being revived. After I got married and had children, I realized how delicate and complex our skin can be. I wanted my children to retain the natural skin suppleness that we all love about a newborn. When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Hashimotos thyroditis, which would cause my hands to be extremely dry, and crack. I started to research ingredients to discover that most products sold in the mainstream supermarkets are loaded with cheap chemicals, detergents & petroleum ingredients that are drying and make my condition worse. Yuck!

This sparked my inner creativity, reminding me of my days with my Grandmother. My goal as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Mother, Wife, and formulator, is to offer all of my customers high quality & great smelling products. I use natural oils where applicable as well as organic and wild crafted oils. This is what sparked what we all know today as Infused Bath & Body......the spot for all your handmade soap, bath bombs, lip balm, wax melts, candles and skin care products.


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